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How to promote a small business website.

If you are looking to promote a website, you need to know you're entering a whole new world with it's own laws and authorities.


The first thing you notice is the junk to useful information ratio. Each SEO forum is full of self-proclaimed gurus and so called experts throwing contradicting opinions at you. It's easy to get lost and hard to find a way, so many small business owners give up on website promotion and either starve for sales or sign those outrageously huge contracts with SEO companies.


I've been in that boat with my local laundry. I had a website and tried to promote it online, so I faced all kinds of problems with it. Here's what I learned, bullet-point wise. I hope this helps:


- "Social media" is a trendy buzzword but no SEO value. Seriously, to do STRICTLY SEO you need to do two things: have an optimized site and get backlinks. Social media gives you no SEO value no matter how many Facebook fans you got.


- Sales are the most important thing, so if your Facebook page actually brings you leads and sales, screw SEO and anyone preaching it. As a small business owner, clutivate the channels that you have, not the ones that everyone else has.


- Do not listen to any guidelines blindly. Yes, even if they are coming from a serach engine. Instead, search for your keywords online and see who ranks and how they do it. Try to do the same and you will succeed.


- Delegate what is too hard to you. If you have tried for three months and there is no success and your head is exploding, hire a SEO pro or a company. There are many cheap and good offers out there, so find someone you can trust and concentrate on providing service. Do not keep following or even paying money to anyone telling you you can succeed by doing everything yourself.


- Did I tell you sales are the most important thing? Think about sales and only sales. If you rank #1 for "boston laundry" but it brings you less sales than an ad in a local paper, move away from SEO and do not pay for it.


Do you have any tips to share? Let me know!


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